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The Process

Below is an example of a typical Paraplanning process. 
You can ask us to do as much or as little of the below as you want.  If you enjoy or simply prefer writing your own reports then that's fine by us, or if you dislike writing reports, but enjoy everything else, then that's fine by us as well!
At all times we (TASH) endeavour to manage your expectations as best as we can, so you can in turn manage your clients, as we appreciate how important this is for a client.


Case preparation
The IFA prepares a case for submission:
  • Factfind 
  • Risk Profile
  • Completes the TASH case submission sheet 
  • Issues client LOAs if required (or TASH can do this)
Send the above to TASH by email, dropbox, or we can in some circumstances access back office systems.  TASH will acknowledge within 24 hours.


Initial analysis and strategy review
TASH will:
  • Review the information received and assess any further requirements to enable us to move forward
  • TASH will then gather any required information
  • Together we will formulate a strategy to meet the clients aims and objectives
  • Consider compliance requirements


Research, analysis and presentation
TASH undertakes:
  • Existing plan research and analysis 
  • Product research
  • Fund research
  • Further consideration to strategy
TASH will present our research with constructive comments for your feedback and decision of recommendation.


Documentation preparation
Upon receipt of your decision of recommendation, TASH will:
  • Obtain final illustrations and supporting documentation
  • Draft Suitability Report
  • Prepare compliance requirements (e.g. replacement policy questionnanires etc).
You will then receive the above for your approval and we can if required to, print and prepare all papers for sign up. i.e. you will get a pack ready to pick up and see your client with (a lot of our clients love this aspect of our service)!


Client meeting
Once you receive our prepared client sign up pack, you can get the business written safe in the knowledge that:
  • The documentation will have been prepared to a high standard
  • TASH are available for any questions that might arise during or after your meeting
  • TASH are available for any post meeting alterations to strategy
We can if required to, attend client meetings with you.


New business submission and case closure
TASH will:
  • Submit the business (should you require us to) and chase it through to completion, keeping you and/or your client informed of progress
  • Provide you with a full copy of all research undertaken on your behalf by TASH, for your own file
  • Close case and archive it retaining a copy on our file indefinately

Remember, we can do as much or as little as you want as our time is charged at an hourly rate on a pay for what you use basis

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